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School Supply

School Supplies

School Supply List for students Kindergarten through eighth grade

Bible (version of your choice)
Water bottle
School supply box (for storing supplies in desk)
Zippered pencil pouch
24 #2 pencils (Ticonderoga recommended)
Mechanical pencils for grades 3-8 (optional)
2 large erasers
3-4 glue sticks
1 bottle Elmer’s white glue (not gel)
Colored pencils
Washable markers
Watercolor paints
1” Binder
2 pkg. wide lined notebook paper (grades 2-4)
2 pkg. college ruled notebook paper (grades 5-8)
2 Primary Composition Notebooks (pages blank at top/ lines on bottom) (K-1)
2 Composition Wide-Ruled Notebooks (Red & Black)/ Grade 2
2 Composition Wide or College Ruled Notebooks (Red & Black) /Grades 3-8
12” standard & metric ruler (Grades 3-8)
Protractor and Compass (Grades 5-8)
Scientific Calculator (Texas Instruments 30x preferred)/ Grades 6-8
1 pair headphones/ ear buds to keep at school
3 large boxes of Kleenex (for classroom)

All kindergarten students should bring a change of clothing in a gallon Ziplock bag with their
name on it that will be kept at school in case of emergency (shirt, pants, underwear, socks).
All students in grades 5-8 should bring deodorant/antiperspirant that will be kept at school.

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