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Welcome to Christian Education  Maranatha Adventist School

Providing Quality Christian education from Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Benefits of a Private Christian School

  • Prayer to God "Our Father in Heaven"

  • Biblical Life lessons taught 

  • Well rounded, accredited core Curriculum 

  • Small classes offering one on one instruction

  • Kind, Friendly, Teachers

  • Healthy, family-type atmosphere

Playing in Nursery
School Children
Nursery School
Kids in Church

Serving the Moberly area for 40 years! Let us know how we can serve you! ​

Kids Favorite Parts of the Day

Maranatha Adventist School is situated on ten beautiful acres in Moberly, MO. Its facilities include two classrooms, library, music room, gymnasium, andplayground.

Art and Stories

Children enjoy listening to Bible stories as they express their creativity through art. The combination of storytelling and artistic exploration provides an enriching experience, fostering both imagination and a connection to faith


Recess is a lively break for kids, fostering play, laughter, and friendships on the playground. It not only promotes physical health but also offers a refreshing mental pause, enhancing the overall school experience

Math drills

Math drills are essential for building confidence and proficiency in solving a variety of mathematical problems.

Dodge Ball

Dodgeball is a fast-paced game that blends strategy, teamwork, and friendly competition. Has been a favorite for many years. ⚽️


Lifelong friendships often start in elementary school, where shared experiences build lasting connections that endure beyond the classroom.


Reading is the foundation for all learning, unlocking knowledge and fostering success in academics and beyond.



The teachers at Maranatha Adventist School encouraged me to work hard and taught me good critical thinking and problem solving skills. The individualized attention helped me to achieve academic success and prepared me well for high school and beyond.

Kimberly S.
logan stickney

Mr. and Mrs. Booth are exceptional teachers. Because of Mrs. Booth, I looked forward to coming to school. She helped and encouraged me, specifically in Math. Mr. Booth not only taught me academics but also sports. They are great role models and I have a high level of respect for both of them.

Logan S.

I withdrew from public school due to issues and enrolled in Maranatha Adventist School for 8th grade. The teachers provided individual attention and a diverse education. They helped me excel, and gain confidence and readiness for 9th grade.

Zach M.

I loved my time at Maranatha. The teachers really cared for me and I learned a lot. The atmosphere was so supportive. I was truly blessed.

Noah G.

Because of the encouragement I received at Maranatha I have a lifelong love for writing, history, and reading. I loved the small school atmosphere and support.

Hadassah G.

This is an exceptional school where dedicated teachers built a strong educational foundation. Their commitment to morals, hard work, and discipline blessed all served, fostering ongoing dedication to education.

Jessica G.
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